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(How to get started with both)

What is GIT?

First of all, GitHub is not git. Git is a version control software (VCS) for developers.
Version control refers to the process of saving different files or ‘versions’ throughout the various stages of a project.

What is GITHUB?

GitHub makes it easier to collaborate using git. It’s a platform that can hold repositories of code in cloud-based storage so that multiple developers can work on a single project and see each other’s edits in real-time.

3 primary actions to interact with other developer’s code on GitHub: -

§ Fork

The process of copying another’s code from the repository in order to modify it.

§ Pull

When you’ve finished making changes to someone else’s code, you can share them with the original owner via a ‘pull request’.

§ Merge

Owners can add new changes to their projects via a merge, and give credit to the contributors who suggested them.


§ It is a software.

§ It is a command-line tool.

§ It is installed locally on the system.

§ It is maintained by Linux.


§ It is a service.

§ It is a graphical user interface.

§ It is hosted on the web.

§ It is maintained by Microsoft.

How to get started with both?

Integrate GIT and GITHUB

Step1 : Install Git and add a repository

First, download the git software for your Operating System (OS)

To connect Git to GitHub, you’ll need to add a repository and make at least one commit. You’ll have enough of your project established to start working in GitHub.

Step 2 : Create a GitHub Account

Next, you’ll need a GitHub account. You can sign up for one for free.

Step 3 : Add a GitHub repository to your Account

After you’ve created and set up your account, you’ll need to create a repository in GitHub where you can store your project when you move it over from Git.

Step 4 : Push a repository to GitHub

Since you’ve already set up your Git repository, you can use the push an existing repository from the command line option.

Step 5 : Pull your changes back to Git

While you can see all the changes you and others have made to your project on GitHub, the platform doesn’t have direct access to your computer’s files. In order to keep your project up-to-date on your computer, you’ll need to pull your edits via git.



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